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Energy Drink Stash Can Grinder And Scales

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Energy Drink Stash Can Grinder And ScalesĀ 

This exciting and stealthy 3-in-1 item looks just like a regular aluminium can, but lift up the lid and it's packed with features!

A 500-gram capacity scale is the first piece inside the can. It has a stainless steel weighing surface, auto shut off, tare capacity, and is accurate to 0.1g. Weigh your items in grams (g), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt) or pennyweight (dwt). The blue backlit display is powered by 2x AAA batteries, which are included.

The fun doesn't end there though! Underneath the scale is a black 3-part grinder, with sharp shark teeth points and a tray. Everything fits neatly into the can, which can also be used as a safe to store your stash, cash or other valuables out of sight.

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