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Clipper Large Cartoon Sounds Refillable Lighters 4 Pack

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Clipper lighters are refillable and feature a replaceable flint that can also be taken out and used as a tobacco pressing tool.

Clipper are very well known for their high quality and beautiful designs, you can't go wrong!

Isobutane gas is used as the fuel for these lighters as it is a much cleaner version of butane. Clipper lighters are made from mostly recycled materials.

The outer shell is made from an ultra durable nylon, making them less likely to break or explode.

Please note that the photo shows all designs in the collection, we will do our best to send one of each design but there may be double ups depending on stock available.

Product Details:

  • Refillable gas + flint
  • Replaceable flint
  • Iconic Shape
  • 3000 lights x refill
  • Pocket Lighter
  • Packing Tool for ryo
  • High Quality
  • 4 Pack of lighters with unique designs


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