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Bath Bong Cleaner 250mL

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Bong Bath Cleaner 250mL

Bong Bath is an extremely advanced bong cleaning product. Using natural products, it removes black resin, tar, stains and odours leaving your bong sparkling clean and smelling good! Bong Bath is suitable for all bong types (Glass, Plastic, Silicone, Ceramic, Metal and more).

Bottle Size: 250mL

How to use Bong Bath:

  • Add a cap-full of BONG BATH to your dirty bong water. It will immediately eliminate the smell.
  • Put your hand over the mouthpiece and give your bong a bit of a shake to get the liquid all over the bong.
  • Bathe the bong with clean water in a plastic bucket (so you don’t break it on the tap). Use a brush as required.
  • Residue will fall off leaving your bong sparkling clean.

Alternative Method:

Soak the bong for a few hours in a bucket full of hot water with one cap full of Bong Bath. Give the bong a rinse with some water and use a brush as required.