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Agung No Pong Bong Cleaner 250mL

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Agung No Pong Bong Cleaner 250mL

Get the pong and filth out of your bong with Agung's No Pong Bong Cleaner! Specially formulated natural eucalyptus concentrate to remove tar, stains and odours from all types of bongs and pipes, leaving your bong or pipe fresh and clean for your enjoyment.

Prolong the life of your bong, pipe or water pipe. Easy to use and very effective. 

Perfect for removing all stains, gets your bong back into its new condition. 

Can be safely used on glass, plastic, vinyl, aluminium and other materials. 

Non-toxic, contains no alcohol or solvents and it is pH-neutral, completely safe and contains no propellants. 

250mL per bottle

Directions: Add 2 capsule of No-Pong Bong Cleaner to half a litre of warm water and wash pipe thoroughly using a brush. Overnight soaking will achieve optimum results.

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