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High Voltage Detox Double Flush Combo (Drink And Capsules)

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High Voltage Detox Double Flush Combo (Drink And Capsules)

Introducing our most potent toxin cleanse! High Voltage Detox Double Flush was designed with power in mind. This combination of liquid and capsule detox was designed to flush high levels of toxins out of your system. Effective within 2 hours and lasting up to 12 hours, this toxin eliminator is what you need for heavy toxins.

Available in 7 delicious flavours!

Directions: (2 step process)

  1. Consume High Voltage Fast Flush Capsules (all) with 500ml of water.
  2. Wait 30 minutes and drink another 1L of water.
  3. Wait one hour and drink the High Voltage Toxin Eliminator 473ml Liquid with 500ml of water.

Product will start being effective after three normal sized urinations. If you are having difficulty urinating increase water intake by 500ml per hour. High Voltage Double Flush will stay effective for up to 12 hours.

For Maximum Results:

  1. Avoid unwanted toxins for 24-48 hours.
  2. Pre-cleanse period, the night before (12-24 hours Prior to consuming High Voltage) drink 10 x glasses of water (2L) over an 8 hour period.
  3. While using this product, urinate frequently to expel toxins.
  4. Do not eat large meals or consume any food with Caffeine or Fruit Juices during the pre-cleanse period.
  5. Avoid over the counter or non-prescribed medications, alcohol, acidic liquids (such as vinegar, pickle juice, coffee, etc), Vitamins or salty foods.
  6. Drink plenty of water on a daily basis.

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