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Secret Hair Brush Hidden Stash Storage Compartment

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Secret Hair Brush Hidden Stash Storage Compartment 

This hair brush stash compartment is perfect for storing your personal items and valuables since no thief or anyone will suspect your goods to be hidden away in a real looking hair brush.

It can be used as a fully functional hairbrush and looks just like a normal one, so no one will suspect a thing, this will allow you to hide your items even in plain sight!

The hairbrush has a secure top that screws open to reveal a space for your items. It is large enough to hide cash and other items you need to keep with you and away from prying eyes.

Product Details:

  • Dual Use - Made from a real branded hairbrush, can be used as a normal hairbrush and a stash spot at the same time.
  • False top that screws open and seals securely.
  • Quick and easy to access storage compartment.

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