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All Surprise Packages! (MORE Value Then What You Pay For)

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Love what we sell but can't make up your mind? Purchase any surprise package to get more value for your money and receive the best products available from the largest range of Smoking Goods and so much more!

When you open your surprise package it could include anything we sell on our store, from:

Bongs, Bong Accessories, Smoking Accessories, Grinders, Lighters, Lighter Cases, Scales, Rolling Papers, Wraps & Pre-Rolled, Tips & Filters, Storage, Rolling Trays, Chop Bowls, Stash, Smell Proof Bags, Stickers And Sticker Packs, Bong Cleaning Products and way more!

Our Surprise Packages always contain nearly double what you pay for in items!

All $25+ Surprise Packages are guaranteed a bong!

If you have any specifications for what you would not want in your Surprise Package or you do want included, please contact us after ordering.



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